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The JUE-251 continues the success of its predecessor, featuring a reliable industry standard interface and an advanced network router in a compact design.

All-new above deck equipment (ADE) design

Our company's long experience of design has lead to an all-new ADE - inside and out. It features a two-axis control and the base of the dome is carved from one solid piece of aluminum, making it stable and durable.

By adapting to the latest technologies, the size of the antenna is slightly reduced and has a weight reduction of 40% - while keeping it robust and easy to install.

No gyro or GPS input is required and it benefits from having no cable under the antenna inside, which means there is no need for "cable unwrap" maneuvers to free cable that has become twisted as the device moves to locate the satellite.

Using the same cable management philosophy as other current JRC Inmarsat products, a single coax cable is used between ADE and main unit allowing for easy installation.

About FleetBroadband

Based on 3G standards, FleetBroadband provides constant, simultaneous access to voice and highspeed data, capable of supporting always-on broadband connectivity at speeds up to 284kbps and streaming IP data rate of up to 128kbps.

It allows users to send and receive SMS messages of up to 160 characters, a feature that is proven popular with crew who are familiar with texting from their GSM mobiles while on shore.
*1 : Expected support end 2013


Advanced interfacing

With JRC's new JUE-251 BDE comes a whole new set of reliable interfacing, such as a dedicated non SOLAS voice distress port and an integrated WAN selector between JRC's BDE and other communication devices, which switches the unit to a secondary network when the primary network is disconnected.

Crew installation

With crew installation possible, you will save on installation charges and time in port - while keeping the same warranty conditions as before.

Optional junction board

In addition to the standard interface, JRC offers an optional junction board packed with a range of additional features. It has 4 telephone/ fax lines (RJ-11), 4 external buzzers, 1 voice distress button , gyro and GPS input, remote power switch and multi-purpose dry contact ports.

Satellite blocking(New)

The JUE-251 integrates a blockage setting which allows you to register up to 6 blocking areas such as the radar mast or funnel. When the line of sight to the satellite coincides with any of the pre registered blocking areas, the operator can easily recognize that there is a blockage and can take necessary action such as course change, to restore the connection.

Remote Maintenance System (RMS)(New)

The JUE-251 supports RMS access over a dedicated JRC IP connection, which allows for remote maintenance of supported equipment via the Inmarsat satellite link.
Additionally, JRC's new Inmarsat C model, the JUE-87, can be used to poll the status of the JUE-251 from the shore, should the ships IP data connection be unavailable.


Advanced web interface(NEW)

The JUE-251 Inmarsat FleetBroadband comes with an advanced web interface, built in as standard. This dedicated (Windows based) user interface brings together all operations. Think of it as the hub of your system - view everything and fully manage all operations with a few clicks.
Below are just a few of the many features available:

Voice distress button(New)

The JUE-251 will support Inmarsat's voice distress service with an optional voice distress button, connected directly to BDE. A voice distress call has the priority and pre-emption over any calls on the Inmarsat satellite network, guaranteed to get through to an appropriate Maritime Rescue Coordination Center (MRCC). The service is not currently GMDSS compliant .

What's Standard?




PSU cable


Inspection result


Installation parts

Spare fuse for BDE

What's optional?

Coaxial cable CFQ-5924A3*1
Relay cable 7ZCSC0212*2
Relay connector 5JAAE01753*3
Junction board CQD-2243
External power supply unit NBD-904
External buzzer NCE-6824A (max 4)
Voice distress button NQE-3301 (max 2)
Wall mount adapter for VDB 7ZZSC0095 (not required for flush mount)
Facsimile 7EZSC0060 (brother FAX-2820)
Power transformer for facsimile DD-118525 (100V), DD-118584 (115V)
EMC filter for facsimile RSHN-2003 (for 230V direct coupling)
Telephone NQW-132B (max 6)
Telephone junction box NQE-3058C (max 10)
Handset extension cable 7ZCSC0291 (5 m)
GYRO I/F box NQA-2066A
note *1 : JUE-251's standard cable is 30m (CFQ-5924A3) and JRC prepared in 15m (CFQ-5924A15) and 35, 40, 45, 50m (CFQ-3922Ax), 70 and 100m (CFQ-3923Ax).
*2 : Between CFQ-3922A/3923A and BDE.
*3 : In case of connecting CFQ-3922A/3923A cable to ADE.

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